Rocky Mountain beeplant - Cleome serrulata (CLSE)

National Seed Strategy Task Forces

The National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration provides a framework for agencies and organizations working to improve the supply of native seed. Implementing the Strategy requires collaboration among a broad coalition of partners, from the smallest non-profit to the largest agencies. At the 2017 National Native Seed Conference, a series of task forces was launched to bring expert stakeholders together and provide a platform for coordinated efforts to implement the actions of the Strategy.

Task forces are temporary teams that are organized to accomplish a specific task over a 6-18 month period. Members come from a diversity of backgrounds and organizations, and are united in working together to solve a particular problem and advance the goals of the Strategy. Each task force operates independently to manage their membership and their work towards accomplishing their task.

A steering committee, composed of Federal members and non-Federal cooperators of the Plant Conservation Alliance, has been responsible for the establishment of the task forces. The steering committee oversees the task forces and coordinates with task force leaders to support their work.

2017 Task Forces