Plant Conservation Alliance Discussion Lists

Learn about plant conservation issues and get involved in discussions through the Plant Conservation Alliance working group listservs. Except for job announcements or broadly-focused funding opportunities, information posted on these listservs is generally not cross-posted, so you are encouraged to join each listserv that is a topic of interest to you. To post a message to these listservs, you must first subscribe to them.

Plant Conseration Alliance logo

The Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA) mission is to protect native plants by ensuring that their communities and their populations are maintained, enhanced, and restored. Join the main PCA mailing list , which supports general native plant discussions, including meeting announcements and highlights of regularly scheduled PCA meetings.


Alien Plant Working Group logo

The Alien Plant Working Group (APWG) provides information on the serious threat and impacts of invasive alien (exotic, non-native) plants to the native flora, fauna, and natural ecosystems of the United States. Join the APWG mailing list to discuss information about invasive plants. See also the Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas.


Medicianal Plant Working Group logo

The Medicinal Plant Working Group (MPWG) focuses on medicinal plant conservation and sustainable use in North America, within the context of global medicinal plant conservation. Join the MPWG mailing list to discuss issues related to the sustainable use and conservation of medicinal plants. The MPWG website is being rebuilt.


Restoration Working Group logo

The Restoration Working Group (RWG) facilitates the implementation of numerous successful restoration projects throughout the country. Join the RWG mailing list to discuss aspects related to restoration issues.


Seeds of Success logo

Seeds of Success (SOS) is the national native seed collection program, led by the Bureau of Land Management with Federal and non-Federal partners to establish long-term conservation collections and support the Native Plant Materials Development Program. Join the SOS mailing list for information about the national native seed collection program, Seeds of Success.