BLM Releases Decision for Vegetation Treatments



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Oregon/Washington State Office

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Michael Campbell

Portland, Ore. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Oregon State Office today announced the release of a Record of Decision for the Vegetation Treatments Using Herbicides on BLM Lands in Oregon.Weeds are currently spreading on BLM lands in Oregon at an estimated 12 percent per year, or 144,000 acres per year. This decision expands herbicide use beyond noxious weed treatments to include: the treatment of all invasive plants, the control of pests and diseases, and the control of native vegetation in rights-of-way and administrative sites, and recreation sites.“Weeds are spreading on BLM lands in Oregon at an alarming rate, and this decision is going to improve our ability to address this serious issue,” said Oregon/Washington State Director Ed Shepard. “Invasive plants also spread to adjacent non-BLM lands, increasing control costs for affected landowners and degrade land values,” continued Shepard.Preventing noxious and invasive species from entering BLM lands that are free of weeds is of critical importance not only to the species that depend on these unique systems, but to the broader objective of promoting and maintaining biological diversity and ecosystem health.The decision selects a modified version of Alternative 4 from the Final Environmental Impact Statement and adds 10 of the nationally-approved herbicides west of the Cascades and 13 herbicides east of the Cascades to the 4 approved herbicides already in use -- for a grand total of 14 on the west side of the Cascades and 17 on the eastside of the Cascades.The broader array of herbicides available under the selected alternative will help slow the noxious weed spread rate by half and prevent 2.2 million acres from becoming infested.There is a 30-day appeal period following issuance of the Record of Decision before the decision can take effect. Appeals must be mailed to the Oregon/Washington BLM State Director, P.O. Box 2965, Portland, Oregon 97208-2965, and be postmarked by November 1, 2010. A copy of the appeal, statement of reasons, and all other supporting documents must also be sent to the Regional Solicitor, Pacific Northwest Region, U.S. Department of the Interior, 805 SW Broadway #600, Portland, Oregon 97205-3346. Additional information, and a copy of the Record of Decision and Final Environmental Impact Statement, is available online at:

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