BLM Arizona Strip District announces rescission of Arizona Trail closure

Agency completes post fire rehab to ensure public safety, recreation access resumes

St. George, Utah — Following the 11,000-acre Pine Hollow and 71,000-acre Mangum fires in summer 2020, the portion of the Arizona Trail managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Arizona Strip Field Office was closed to the public for the agency to survey and mitigate post fire hazards to ensure public health and safety.

With the necessary post fire rehabilitation activities completed, BLM is rescinding closure order AZ-ASD-03-20. This includes the portion of the Arizona Trail from Stateline Campground, south to the Kaibab National Forest boundary. Rehabilitation efforts are ongoing and additional temporary closures may be required. Any additional closures will be announced through a news release, the BLM website, and social media.

"We'd like to thank BLM staff for their hard work and diligence to mitigate unsafe conditions to ensure the health and safety of our visitors," said acting Arizona Strip Field Manager Brandon Boshell. "We're happy we are able to once again make this trail accessible to the public so visitors may continue to enjoy recreation access to their public lands.”

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