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Wyoming Timber Sales

Instruction Memorandum

BLM Wyoming
5454 Yellowstone Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82009
United States


In Reply Refer to: 5410 (930)

P Instruction Memorandum No. WY-2022-005

Expires 9/30/2022 T

o: District Managers

From: State Director (Acting) Subject: Wyoming Annual Timber Sale Plan – Fiscal Year 2022

Program Area: Forestry, Timber Sale Program, Preparation for Sale Purpose: Approval and Distribution of the Statewide Annual Timber Sale Plan.

Administrative or Mission Related: Mission Policy/Action: The attached statewide Wyoming Annual Timber Sale Plan has been approved by the State Director, any changes to the plan will have to be authorized by the State Director per the national delegation of authority manual MS-1203. Timeframe: This Internal Memorandum is effective upon receipt and will remain in effect until further notice.

Budget Impact: None Background: Per CFR 5410-6 the Bureau of Land Management is directed to prepare an annual timber sale plan that is to be approved by the State Director.

Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: None


Members of the Wyoming Leadership Team Contact: If you have questions pertaining to the use of the annual timber sale plan, please contact Joshua Jackson, Forestry Program Lead at (307) 775-6287.

Signed by: Authenticated by: Kevin Christensen Morgan Stilson Acting State Director State Director’s Office 1

Attachment: 1 – Wyoming Annual Timber Sale Plan – Fiscal Year 2022 Distribution FM 1 (w/attchs.) CF 2 (w/attchs.)