Recreation Management Area Spatial Data Standard V2.0

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Subject:Recreation Management Area Spatial Data Standard V2.0
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Information Bulletin:

This Information Bulletin announces the availability of the updated Recreation Management Area (RMA) Spatial Data Standard Version 2.0 (attachment).

The RMA is a land unit where recreation and visitor services objectives are recognized as a primary resource management consideration and specific management is required to protect the recreation opportunities. The RMA designation is based on recreation demand and issues, recreation setting characteristics, resolving use/user conflicts, compatibility with other resource uses, and resource protection needs (Manual 8320 – Planning for Recreation and Visitor Services).

This dataset is used for depicting the different RMA on maps and for overlaying in GIS with other data themes for various analytical purposes.

The following changes were applied:

  • Reformatted the document to use the latest data standard template with Section 508 improvements.
  • Added WEB_DOC_PATH.
  • Replaced title page image with new photo and description.
  • Updated document revision table.
  • Incremented the version number on each file name and modified the file names for consistency.

Additional changes and editing made throughout the document to improve accuracy and clarity.

Any questions about this data standard can be directed to Gavin Hoban, RMA State Data Steward at 541-416-6879; Tamiko Stone, RMA Technical Lead at 503-808-6191; Dana Baker-Allum, Geospatial Data Designer at 503-808-6320; or Eric Hiebenthal, State Data Administrator at 503-808-6565.

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