Off-Highway Vehicle Designation Areas Data Standard v3.0

Information Bulletin

Bureau of Land Management Oregon State Office
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United States

United States Department of the Interior
Oregon State Office
P.O. Box 2965
Portland, Oregon 97208

MAY 12, 2022

1283/9167/8342 (OR955/930) P

Information Bulletin No. OR-2022-025

To: Deputy State Directors, District Managers, and Branch Chiefs
From: Branch Chief, Information Resources Management
Subject: Off-Highway Vehicle Designation Areas Data Standard v3.0

This Information Bulletin announces the availability of the updated Off-Highway Vehicle Designation Areas (OHV) Spatial Data Standard Version 3.

This dataset designates OHV use on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands as Open, Limited, or Closed, in terms of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 8342, and any special restrictions as designated routes only or seasonal use only. All BLM surface jurisdiction lands are covered by one of these OHV designations.

Use this dataset to depict the OHV designation areas on maps and for overlaying in GIS (Geographic Information System) with other data themes to determine feasibility and impact of project proposals. The public needs to know where they can travel on BLM lands off-road and if there are any special restrictions.

The following changes were applied:

  • Reformatted the document to use the latest data standard template (with Section 508 improvements).
  • Changed field name RESTRICT to RESTRICT_CD.
  • Added GIS_ACRES.
  • Modified domain dom_OHV_DSG.
  • Increased length of OHV_DSG field.
  • Modified domain dom_RESTRICT.
  • Added QC data rules to section 9.5.
  • Changed PLANID field to required.
  • Updated PLANID definition.
  • Added historic feature dataset.
  • Replaced title page image with new photo and description.
  • Incremented the version number on each file name and modified the filenames for consistency.

Additional changes and editing made throughout the document to improve accuracy and clarity.

Any questions about this data standard can be directed to Chris Knauf, OHV State Data Steward at 503-808-6427; Rachele (Shelley) Moore, OHV Technical Lead at 503-808-6566; Dana Baker-Allum, Geospatial Data Designer at 503-808-6320; or Eric Hiebenthal, State Data Administrator at 503-808-6565.

Administrative or Mission Related: Mission Related.

Districts with unions are reminded to notify their unions of this IB and satisfy any bargaining obligations before implementation. Your servicing Human Resources Office or Labor Relations Specialist can provide you with assistance in this matter.

Signed by
Jonathan LeBaron
Acting Chief, Branch of Information Resources Management

Authenticated by
K. Wentworth
Data Records Administrator

1 – Off-Highway Vehicle Designation Areas Data Standard v3.0 (36 pp)

OR955 (Eric Hiebenthal)
OC530 (Jesse German)
OC400 (Karen Meeker)