Stand Exam Sample Points Spatial Data Standard Version 1.0

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NOV 18, 2021

1283/1610/5000/6167 (OR955/930) P

Information Bulletin No. OR-2022-005

To: Deputy State Directors, District Managers, and Branch Chiefs
From: Branch Chief, Information Resources Management
Subject: Stand Exam Sample Points Spatial Data Standard Version 1.0

This Information Bulletin announces the availability of the new Stand Exam Sample Points (STAND_EXAM_PUB_PT) Spatial Data Standard.

This dataset is a spatial representation of Forest Stand Exam point locations that are recorded in the tabular EcoSurvey application. The EcoSurvey application utilizes a handheld data recorder to collect stand exam data in the field and PC application to process the data to generate custom reports to summarize the data. Data summaries include stand level statistics, and export files for growth and yield models. The EcoSurvey application provides the ability to run summary reports on select groupings of plots. The purpose of this dataset is to display plot data spatially to be able to run summary reports on a spatially selected group of plots.

The Stand Exam Points dataset is a sub-class of the Oregon Data Framework Sample Points dataset theme. For ease of publishing this data, it is presented as a separate dataset from other sample point data types.

This dataset is used to display tabular plot locations from the EcoSurvey database as a point feature class. The point dataset is then used within the EcoSurvey Web application to allow resource specialists to view the data spatially and select plots spatially to run EcoSurvey summary reports.

Any questions about this data standard can be directed to George McFadden, State Data Steward, at 503-808-6107; Dana Baker-Allum, Technical Lead, at 503-808-6320; or Eric Hiebenthal, State Data Administrator, at 503-808-6565.

Administrative or Mission Related: Mission Related

Districts with unions are reminded to notify their unions of this IB and satisfy any bargaining obligations before implementation. Your servicing Human Resources Office or Labor Relations Specialist can provide you with assistance in this matter.

Signed by
Jonathan LeBaron
Deputy State Director

Authenticated by
Melissa Brown
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1 – Stand Exam Points Data Standard V1 (22 pp)

OC535 (Thomas Chatfield)
OR955 (Eric Hiebenthal)
OC530 (Jesse German)
OC400 (Karen Meeker)