Winners of the 2020 State Director Awards

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JUL 1, 2021

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Information Bulletin No. OR-2021-041

To: All Oregon/Washington Employees
From: State Director, Oregon/Washington
Subject: Winners of the 2020 State Director Awards

I am pleased to announce the 2020 winners of the State Director Awards. Please join me in congratulating these individuals for their extraordinary efforts to further our strategic planning goals. Brief summaries of these inspiring projects and work are attached.

Goal 1 Public Service – Bureau of Land Management (BLM) employees of the Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) organization have an abundant sense of pride as accountable Public Servants working for present and future generations as we fulfill our complex stewardship mission. BLM employees aim for the highest level of professionalism, accessibility, transparency, and consistency.
Winner: Kirby Bean (Medford District)

Goal 2 Organizational Sustainability – We are an employer of choice and are committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees. We are inclusive, acknowledge the importance of family and community, and value the full spectrum of outcomes that our public lands provide. We share a commitment to flexibility, fairness, and work-life balance which provides employees of all backgrounds with an environment in which they can realize their aspirations.
Winner: Jeff Jackson (Coos Bay District)

Goal 3 Natural and Cultural Resources Sustainability – We are highly relevant and known for continually seeking opportunities to improve the social, economic, and physical environment. Increasingly communities contribute to the management of resilient landscapes with their ideas, enthusiasm, volunteers, and fiscal support.
Winner: Greater Sage-grouse Team (Prineville District)

Goal 4 Operational Sustainability – We work corporately to leverage and maximize our fiscal capacity, human capital, and assets to achieve the highest performance and cost value for the American People.
Winners: Lisa Meredith and Evan Corrales (Medford District)

Goal 5 Collaboration – We champion a collaborative culture that inspires our employees and stakeholders and blurs boundaries to achieve the best outcomes.
Winner: Sheldon Rhoden (Prineville District)

Goal 6 Diversity and Inclusion – We are a culture of diversity and inclusiveness that authentically engages interested individuals and communities in achieving common goals. We provide an environment in which employees of all backgrounds can realize their aspirations.
Winner: Marissa Theve (Northwest Oregon District)

Goal 7 New Tech/New People – OR/WA is a desirable working environment that attracts new employees and inspires current employees, recognizes/rewards innovation and efficiency, and invests in technology.
Winner: Kyle Sullivan (Medford District)

Goal 8 Identity – Communities identify the BLM as an agency that is approachable, responsive, valuable, and understandable and that contributes to the quality of life in a meaningful way.
Winner: Kevin Hoskins (Vale District)

This year, we have an additional award. I have selected Nakie Williamson-Cloud, Nez Perce Cultural Resources Program Director; Katy Coddington, Vale District Archaeologist; and Dave Johnson, Oregon/Washington Tribal Liaison, to receive a special State Director Award for Team Excellence.

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Signed by
Barry Bushue
State Director

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Synopsis of 2020 BLM OR/WA State Director Award Recipients (9 pp)



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