Availability of Revised Bureau of Land Management Forms 4130-001, 4130-001a, 4130-001b, 4130-003a, 4130-004, and 4130-005

Instruction Memorandum
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4130(220) P

To:All Field Officials
From:Assistant Director, Resources and Planning
Subject:Availability of Revised Bureau of Land Management Forms 4130-001, 4130-001a, 4130-001b, 4130-003a, 4130-004, and 4130-005
Program Area:Grazing Administration

This Instruction Memorandum (IM) announces the availability of the revised Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Forms
4130-001, 4130-001a, 4130-001b, 4130-003a, 4130-004, and 4130-005, which were reauthorized under OMB Control No.
through November 30, 2026.

  • Form 4130-001 Grazing Schedule-Grazing Application
  • Form 4130-001a Grazing Preference Application and Preference Transfer Application
  • Form 4130-001b Grazing Application Supplemental Information
  • Form 4130-003a Automated Grazing Application (within RAS)
  • Form 4130-004 Application for Exchange-of-Use Grazing Agreement
  • Form 4130-005 Actual Grazing Use Report
Administrative or Mission Related:

Mission Related


All field offices must begin using the revised Forms 4130-001, 4130-001a, 4130-001b, 4130-003a, 4130-004, and 4130-005 (December 2023 edition) immediately and dispose of both paper and electronic copies of the previous version of these forms. The updated fillable forms are available in Adobe Acrobat “portable document file” (.pdf) format on the BLM’s External Forms website.


This IM is effective immediately.

Budget Impact:



The BLM uses these forms to collect information required to authorize livestock grazing on public lands (see 43 CFR Part 4130). Forms in the 4130 series are used by the public to apply for grazing use; apply for and/or transfer grazing preference; request exchange-of-use grazing agreements, and to report actual grazing use. Form 4130-003a, Automated Grazing Application is generated by the BLM Rangeland Administration System (RAS). The BLM has used these or similar forms to collect this type of information for the last several decades.

Minor changes were made to four forms to conform with current guidance and improve upon the information collected. These changes include:

  • Addition of reasons for requested temporary nonuse to distinguish between different types of nonuse for conservation and protection of public lands (i.e., drought, fire, flood, insect infestation, wild horse and burros, or other reasons beyond the control of the operator) consistent with 43 CFR 4100 for Forms 4130-001 and 4130-003a.
  • Encourage the identification of reasons for less than full active use (reported in AUMs) in the remarks section of Form 4130-005 to build consistency between applications and the actual grazing use report.
  • Change from sons and/or daughters to child(ren) in Form 4130-001b for consistency with Executive Order (13988) on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation and
    IB 2023-043 Guidance for Inclusive Language in Internal and External Published Material as Directed by Executive Order 13988.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected:



If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Phillips, Rangeland Management Specialist, HQ-220, at 406-490-5654 or jmphillips@blm.gov, or Kimberly Hackett, Senior Natural Resource Specialist, HQ-220, at 208-373-4089 or khackett@blm.gov.


Division of Forestry, Range, and Vegetation Resources (HQ-220).

Signed By:
Sharif Branham
Assistant Director
Resources and Planning
Authenticated By:
Ambyr Fowler
Division of Regulatory Affairs and Directives (HQ630)