BLM Wild Horse and Burro 2021 Strategic Research Plan

IB 2022-008
Information Bulletin

United States Department of the Interior
Grand Junction, Colorado 81506

November 12, 2021

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4700 (HQ-260) P

Information Bulletin No. 2022-008

To:                    All Headquarters Office and Field Office Officials
                          Attn:    Wild Horse and Burro Staff

From:               Assistant Director, Resources and Planning

Subject:           BLM Wild Horse and Burro 2021 Strategic Research Plan

The new BLM Wild Horse and Burro 2021 Strategic Research Plan is available here, and will be on the BLM Wild Horse and Burro (WHB) program’s website (

This Strategic Research Plan reviews the history and role of research in the WHB program and identifies topics that are the highest priority for improving the BLM’s management of these highly valued animals. Developing and testing long-term fertility control methods that require minimal handling occasions are the highest priority. Studies of WHB interactions with their environment, including effects of climate change on WHB habitat, are the second highest priority. Other research topics in the strategy could also benefit management but are of lower priority for funding.

Researchers who are potentially interested in conducting BLM-related research should review the Strategic Research Plan. Consistent with BLM IM 2005-204, all WHB-related research proposals must be reviewed by the WHB program research advisory team and approved by the WHB program Division Chief. The Division Chief will present the approved research proposals for consideration to the Assistant Director for Resources and Planning who will review the proposals and available funding before making final funding decisions for any new WHB research in FY2022. Researchers or BLM staff interested in pursuing or supporting WHB-related research should directed process questions to the WHB program research coordinator (Paul Griffin,, 970-631-4808).


Signed by:                                     Authenticated by:
David Jenkins                               Robert M. Williams
Assistant Director                         Division of Regulatory Affairs and Directives,(HQ-630)
Resources and Planning


1 Attachments
            1‒ BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program 2021 Strategic Research Plan (19 pp)
2‒ Appendix A. Specific Priority Research Topics and Goals (5 pp)
3‒ Appendix B: Overview of Wild Horse and Burro Research & Pilot Projects Since 2005 (26 pp)
4‒ Appendix C. Fertility Control Methods (4 pp)