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Carrizo Plain National Monument

Goodwin Education Center

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Hours and Special Closures

The Guy L. Goodwin Education Center is open seasonally from December 1 to the end of May, Thursday through Sunday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

The Education Center has limited hours on Christmas Eve (12/24) and New Years Eve (12/31), and closed all day on Christmas Day (12/25) and New Years Day (1/1).

Maps and brochures are available at the front door when the center is closed. Handicapped accessible restrooms at the Education Center remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year.

Contact the Education Center at 805-475-2131 or make it your first stop to receive updated information about your visit to the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Painted Rock

Painted Rock may be visited as part of a BLM guided tour or with a self guided tour permit, according to the calendar below. Resevations must be made at www.recreation.gov or by calling 1-877-444-6777.

  • March 1 to July 15: Painted Rock is available to visitation only via BLM guided tours. No other form of public visitation is allowed during this time period.
  • July 16 to end of February: Self-guided tour permit is available and required for unguided public access to Painted Rock.

For details on obtaining a BLM self guided tour permit or BLM guided tour reservations please visit the Tours web page. 

Current Weather

Current weather conditions are recorded near the center of the Monument and may not reflect what is happening throughout the Carrizo.  This is especially true for rainfall.  Temperatures can vary around ten degrees difference depending on your location.

Weather - 10 Day Forecast from The Weather Channel 


The Goodwin Education Center is located one half mile west of the junction of Painted Rock Road and Soda Lake Road. Detailed road directions

Goodwin Educational Center

The Goodwin Education Center is located at: N 35° 11' 23.51", W 119° 51' 47.87" (35.189864, -119.863298)

Be advised that many roads in the Carrizo Plain National Monument (CPNM), are not paved and become impassable during wet weather. Please call ahead for current road conditions, 805-475-2131   

Facilities and Services

This is a remote area with minimal facilities available.  Handicapped accessible, public rest rooms are located at the Goodwin Education Center, Painted Rock Parking Area, Soda Lake Overlook, Selby Campground, KCL Campground and Traver Ranch (see map for locations).  There is no drinking water available.  The nearest public phone is in California Valley, 15 miles north of the Goodwin Education Center on Soda Lake Road.  Gas is available in Taft, Maricopa, Santa Margarita and Atascadero. Be sure to start your trip to the CPNM with a full tank of gasoline.  Emergency services are available year round at the California Division of Forestry (CDF) Station at California Valley by dialing 911.  Note: Cellular phone service is not available throughout the entire Carrizo Plain. 


A wide array of merchandise is available for purchase ranging from stickers and magnets to posters, books and tee shirts. Also available are checklists of the flora and fauna found within the CPNM.  These lists include plants, birds, mammals, as well as amphibians and reptiles.  A small fee is charged. 


Mural painted by John Iwerks. Goodwin Educational Center

The Goodwin Education Center offers the visitor interpretive displays and exhibits explaining the uniqueness of the Carrizo Plain and the adjoining Elkhorn Plain, where "the closer you look, the more you see."  Here you will learn about the endangered plants and animals of the San Joaquin Valley, the geology of the San Andreas Fault, the human history of Painted Rock and its significance to Native Americans and the farming and ranching history of the area.  A diorama as well as interactive interpretive displays are available for visitor education.  A breathtaking mural of the Carrizo Plain and its animal and plant life, painted by Santa Barbara artist John Iwerks, focuses attention on the diversity and complexity of life on the Plain. 

Endangered Species Diorama

Within the boundaries of the Carrizo Plain National Monument are homes to an extremely high concentration of threatened and endangered vertebrate species.  Some of these species are the San Joaquin kit fox, the blunt-nosed leopard lizard, the giant kangaroo rat, and the San Joaquin antelope squirrel (a candidate species).  Examples of many of these animals can be seen in the endangered species burrow habitat, diorama.  The diorama allows you to see how these special species interact with other animals and lets you explore their intricate network of underground burrows. 

Road Conditions

Many roads on the Carrizo Plain are dirt and some are unimproved.  During periods of rain, a number of roads become impassable.  The main road, Soda Lake Road, is usually passable and in good driving condition.  Rains may make parts of Soda Lake Road slippery or muddy at times.  During and after rainy times, avoid Simmler, Panorama and other roads that cross over the valley, these roads are not passable when wet!  The Caliente Ridge Road can be especially dangerous when wet and may be closed periodically during periods of heavy rain or snowfall.  In the appropriate season, it's better to check with the Education Center to find out which roads are safe to travel on and which ones may be closed temporarily.

Cattle guard crossings are often rutted; cross with caution.  Please do not drive off-road to avoid bumps.  Off road vehicle use is prohibited throughout the entire Carrizo Plain National Monument.  When roads are dry, expect a lot of dust and drive with caution accordingly.  Watch for wildlife in roadways.  During certain times of the year, much of the Carrizo Plain is considered open range and visitors should be prepared for livestock on roads.  Drive with caution, especially after dark.

Please come prepared and use caution, especially if traveling in a passenger car.  Watch for unexpected ruts and rocks that may cause flats in tires designed for highway travel.  Make sure your spare is inflated and in good shape and that you have all of your tire-changing tools with you.  If you have a cell phone, be sure to bring it.  You may have to climb on a hill to get service but that may be a better alternative than being stranded.  Services are a long distance away and a lot of time may pass before help may just "happen" by.  Always bring food, water, and warm clothing along on trips in case of emergencies and start your trip with a full tank of gas. 


The library at the Goodwin Education Center is available for in-house use by the public.  It includes books on geology, natural history, botany, the environment, and prehistory of the Carrizo Plain.

Friends of the Carrizo

Please join us in the management and restoration of habitat on the Carrizo Plain by becoming a member of the" Friends of the Carrizo Plain". For more information and an application please write:

Friends of the Carrizo Plain
HCR 69 P.O. Box 3087
Santa Margarita, CA 93453







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