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BLM Alaska experienced a network outage Jan 30-Feb 2, 2023
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Alaska frontiers

Frontiers. BLM Alaska News Journal. Photo of green northern light in the night sky over White Mountains National Recreation Area in Alaska
Sophie Hamann

BLM Alaska Public Rooms: A One-stop shop to your public lands

“And then I spilled it all over the floor!” said Scott Hawkins, a 10-year Fairbanks Public Room veteran, in response to an

Melinda Bolton

The making of a trail well-traveled

Public trails attract all kinds of recreationists and helping make sure you have easy trail access and safe travels on them are among the priorities of the BLM’s outdoor recreation planning staff.

Melinda Bolton

New air quality monitoring station provides clear data in Arctic

A new Air Quality and Weather Monitoring (AQM) Station funded and maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has revealed pristine air quality in the remote Arctic

James Hart

Podcast: Some Points About Archaeology

Let's imagine you're on a hike and you come across an old stone arrowhead, an old tin can, or some other type of artifact. What should you do? Why?
Beth Ipsen
James Hart

Podcast: What’s behind the fiery point of the spear

Firefighters are tough, but they need support.

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