BLM Alaska COVID-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19, BLM is temporarily restricting in-person public access to visitor centers and public rooms in some of our Alaska offices. LEARN MORE>

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Alaska frontiers

James Hart

Podcast: White Mountains Safety

You’re caught in sub-zero bad weather in the White Mountains National Recreation Area and whatever equipment you were counting on to travel back to the trailhead broke down – here’s some of what you wish you had with you.
Melinda Bolton

An archaeologist’s spirit drives BLM's Joe Keeney’s inclusive approach to discovering, protecting, and preserving the past

Archaeology work in 2021 is not like movies depict with action, adventure, even knife and gun fights. Back when he was a co

James Hart

Podcast: ANILCA at 40, part 1

ANILCA is turning 40 soon.  Do you know how it has affected federal land management in Alaska?  Do you know what protections are included?  In this two-part series, we explore some of the important highlights of ANILCA.

Eric Tausch

Podcast: It's All Liaison Work

From the small Kodiak Island village of Akhiok, BLM Alaska’s acting Native Liaison Ralph Eluska shares what it was like growing up, leading the Alaska Federation of Natives and bridging a cultural gap for the bureau since 2003. 

Eric Tausch

No bandwidth, no problem for large NEPA Studies

Those who can’t download our robust environmental studies can now get them in the mail faster and easier on wafer cards that can save taxpayers an average of $5,517.75 per analysis over printing and mailing hard copies.

Maureen Clark

Summertime Stewards of Public Lands

For the roughly two dozen teens who cleared brush and trimmed branches on the BLM Campbell Tract trails in August there were sore muscles, calluses, and sun tans.  There was social distancing, mask

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