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Alaska frontiers

Frontiers, is the Bureau of Land Management's news journal for Alaska, delivers exciting and insightful articles on the latest environmental actions, news, policies, and recreational areas. Frontiers connects with a wide audience of active readership, especially those who live, explore, and travel on our spectacular public lands in Alaska.

Group of people around a man holding a patent document.
Dave Mushovic, BLM Alaska Lands and Cadastral deputy state director, signed the final land patents (deeds) April 11 for The Tatitlek Corporation at Tatitlek’s corporate office in Anchorage, Alaska, in fulfilling its land entitlements under Sections 12(a) and 12(b) the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.
Two small children look through a magnifying glass on a nature trail outside.
Sixteen children ages 0-5 joined BLM Alaska Campbell Creek Science Center’s Interpretive Park Ranger Daniella Barraza and Education Technician Brad Fidel for TOTs – or...
Snow-covered ground, with an orange sunset behind a large inflatable dome. Heavy equipment nearby.
Legacy Well Iko Bay #1, a 2731-foot-deep natural gas well, was plugged and abandoned after a full remediation by the BLM. The agency, in coordination...