Alaska frontiers

Frontiers Masthead featuring caribou on ridge in the fall with red and orange tundra.
Eric Tausch

Peaking behind BLM curtain gives high school grads rare collegiate and career insights

Let new high school grads into the IT department just to see if they like it? Not happening.
James Hart

Podcast: Help pollinators, “bee” a community scientist

We're all abuzz about bees in this Frontiers podcast. BLM Alaska wildlife biologist Casey Jones recently sat down to talk about community science initiatives and how people can help us learn more about Alaska's bees.
James Hart

Podcast: Learn to Enjoy Your Public Lands Like a Pro

More people than ever are heading from backyard to backcountry to enjoy the Alaska outdoors. So, how are Alaska's public lands holding up to the additional traffic? We caught up with BLM Alaska's recreation program lead to find out.
Beth Ipsen

Recreating responsibly includes campfire safety: 4 easy steps to keep your campfire from turning into a wildfire

Humans caused 59% of Alaska wildfires since 2010, threatening lives, property, and natural resources. Keep yourself and others safe with a few simple steps to help prevent your campfire from turning into a wildfire.

50 years sharing frustration and joy have bonded Alaska Natives and BLM employees working together on ANCSA land conveyances

50 years working together on the largest land claims settlement in history built a special bond between BLM Alaska employees and the Alaska Natives they serve. That may be more critical than ever as they approach the finish line.

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