Foot Path to Four-Lane: A Historical Guidebook to Transportation on Lake Tahoe’s Southeast Shore


Nevada Cultural Resource Series #22

The best way to appreciate history is to stand where it happened . This guidebook will give you a chance to do that. We will show you a pathway which is a thousand years old, or more, and still in use today. We will point out places where you can pause in your own travels, and imagine what is was like to make the same trip during prehistoric times, the days of the Comstock bonanza, or the Lincoln Highway era. History includes the when and why of people's travels, so we'll arm you with enough information to follow the evolution of the pathway from the first Native American trails, to pack trails, wagon roads, paved highways, and finally a modern, four-lane strip of asphalt. We will show you how it connected the Tahoe Basin with distant places, and with events as diverse as the discovery of silver on the Comstock, the invention of the automobile, and even the appearance of a rustic style of architecture.

Publication Date

Mon, 12/18/2017


National Office


Collection: BLM Library
Category: Cultural Resource Series