Bureau of Indian Affairs receives list of 7 million Vietnam-era veterans this week for 2019 land allotment program

Progress moved a step closer this week toward fulfilling last year’s law to issue land allotments to eligible Alaska Native Vietnam-era veterans when the Bureau of Indian Affairs received about 7 million personnel records from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Having received a list of 1 million late last year from the Defense Department, the BIA is now reviewing about 8 million records to determine Native status.

Eligible individuals should ensure that their mailing addresses and contact information is up to date with their Bureau of Indian Affairs Realty Service Office (BIA Realty) service provider and personal representative, if applicable (including heirs).

The BLM will use BIA findings to notify those who have not previously received land allotments that they are eligible to apply under the new law. Eligible individuals should begin receiving notifications and application material from the BLM by mail in late 2020 with a copy going to their Bureau of Indian Affairs Realty Service Providers. 

As always, find progress updates, information, timelines, and answers to frequently-asked questions about the Alaska Native Vietnam era veterans land allotment section (Sect. 1119) of the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act (Dingell Act) on BLM Alaska’s exclusive web site.

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