Lands and Realty

BLM Utah conveys land to Utah State Parks and Emery County

Story and photos by Angela Hawkins, Public Affairs Specialist

Wild, Scenic, Recreational and Accessible

By Heather Feeney, Public Affairs Specialist 

Melinda Bolton

50 years sharing frustration and joy have bonded Alaska Natives and BLM employees working together on ANCSA land conveyances

50 years working together on the largest land claims settlement in history built a special bond between BLM Alaska employees and the Alaska Natives they serve. That may be more critical than ever as they approach the finish line.
James Hart

Podcast: BLM Alaska Public Room Shedding Light on the Process

BLM Alaska public rooms help folks with all sorts of public-lands related stuff. Right now, they're helping a lot of Alaska Native veterans with land allotments