BLM Utah’s Color Country and Paria River Districts recognized with Wildfire Mitigation Award

In a notable recognition of their significant contributions to wildfire risk reduction, the Bureau of Land Management's Color Country and Paria River Districts Fuels Team (CPD Fuels Team) in southw

Are you a good neighbor? BLM sure is! Learn about our Good Neighbor Authority and how it helps communities along the front range

With over 668,000 acres of public lands to manage, BLM Colorado Rocky Mountain District prioritizes fuels treatments in the San Luis Valley and Royal Gorge areas.

A burning desire for service: BLM Utah fire employee recognized by Congressman for outstanding public service

The BLM Utah Fire family takes immense pride in commemorating the well-deserved recognition of an outstanding employee and a

Fuels reductions in northwest Colorado – Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funds are protecting public lands

If you find yourself in northwest Colorado, you may come across some of BLM’s most popular wild horse herds, world-class recreation opportunities, and public lands as far as the eye can see. While these public lands are beautiful, they are also susceptible to catastrophic wildfires due to several years of drought, overpopulation from wild horses, and impacts from climate change.

BLM Utah Fire takes flight for conservation: A Dingell Act success story

Across the landscapes of Utah, where the natural beauty of the land is as vast as it is diverse, a remarkable initiative is taking flight.