Michael Campbell

BLM Partners with University of Oregon and University of Nevada Reno on Innovative Wildfire Detection Cameras

As fire seasons have become longer and more devastating, firefighters have looked to wide variety of technologies to assist with detection and response. The Alert Wildfire detection camera project began over a decade ago and was developed by BLM, University of Nevada Reno, and University of Oregon.
Kaitlyn Webb

Rural Fire Readiness Equipment Transfer to Oregon Communities

This week, Prineville District transferred a water tender to the Wheeler County Fire and Rescue Rangeland Fire Protection Association and a wildland fire engine to the Alfalfa Fire District to enhance their wildland firefighting capabilities. The equipment was transferred under BLM’s Rural Fire Readiness program, designed to provide equipment to local wildland firefighting partners at no cost.

Story Map Time: Fuels Treatments in Colorado

Story by Brittany Sprout, Public Affairs Specialist

Arizona Strip District's Moki Helitack Season 2022 in Review

As the peak wildfire season has started to wane in Arizona and in portions of the western United States, we look back at Moki Helitack’s 2022 season.