Easing trauma with public lands and resources

June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month. BLM-managed public lands and resources have helped those with PTSD, and BLM is committed to supporting our employees who may experience it.

Pathways to Public Service: Liem Huynh

For Liem Huynh, after six years of service as a Public Affairs Specialist in the U.S. Army, it felt like a natural next step to join the BLM’s National Training Center as an Audio-Visual Production Specialist. But the full story of how Liem came to work for the Bureau in April 2023 is a remarkable one. His story also reflects importantly on the larger narrative of the BLM itself, as it continues to meet the mission by building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

From Toys for Tots to BLM Arizona, Steven Ala shines on National Administrative Professionals Day

After six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Steven Ala joined the Bureau of Land Management Arizona as a staff assistant for Division of Resources and Planning.

Sun Zone Socioeconomic Specialist Hebin Lin blends natural and social sciences

Did you know that the Bureau of Land Management has a socioeconomics program? During Women’s History Month, BLM Arizona is celebrating Dr. Hebin Lin, a socioeconomic specialist who powers the socioeconomics program in the Bureau of Land Management’s Sun Zone, which includes not just Arizona, but also New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

BLM Arizona Project Manager Alexia Williams makes a difference on public lands

From Wyoming to California to Arizona, Alexia Williams makes a difference in her stewardship of America's public lands and resources.