BLM, Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peak select artist-in-residence

New Mexico
Las Cruces DO
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LAS CRUCES, N.M. – The Bureau of Land Management and Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (Friends) are pleased to announce the selection of Jane Peacock, a local Las Cruces artist, as this year’s artist-in-residence for the Monument. 

The local Artist-in-Residence Program is a partnership between the Friends and the BLM. The Friends provide the artist with a stipend while the BLM provides housing for the artist onsite at the Monument. In return, the artist is responsible for a creative community project, a public event (e.g., tour, demonstration, or workshop), and a complete art project that promotes the Monument. 

During the month of May, Peacock will travel throughout the 497,330-acre Monument, capturing images through her impressions on canvas as part of the tenth anniversary of Monument designation.  

"I am excited to be selected as the 2024 local artist-in-residence for the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument,” Peacock said. “I look forward to representing the Monument’s rich legacy through my plein air paintings and building public awareness for its majestic beauty.” 

 “We look forward to viewing some of the unique plein air artistic visions that Jane Peacock will capture on canvas of the many different views and opportunities the Monument has to offer,” said BLM Las Cruces District Manager Scott Cooke. 

The Artist-in-Residence Program employs the artist’s unique skills to depict features of the Monument, helping generate a deeper understanding of its significant resource values.  

The Monument was established on May 21, 2014, and contains some of the west’s most iconic landscapes in the Organ, Robledo, Sierra de las Uvas, Doña Ana, and Potrillo Mountains. The BLM Las Cruces District manages the Monument to maintain and enhance the resources for current and future generations.   

For more information about the Artist-in-Residence Program, please contact the Friends of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks group at 575-323-1423 or