Active Renewable Projects
Renewable Energy Development in the California Desert

Current Projects

The BLM is currently processing the following renewable energy projects. This table is updated regularly. By clicking on a specific project name, you can visit its ePlanning page, where current updates and additional information are available.

Active Renewable Energy Projects (Updated as of August 12, 2021)

Renewable Type State County Project Name, Applicant Technology Potential Output (MW) BLM Acres Status
Solar CA Riverside Arica Solar Project / Arica Solar, LLC PV - Photovoltaic 265 2,000 EA Released 8/6/2021
Solar CA   Crimson Solar / Sonoran West Solar Holding, LLC PV - Photovoltaic 350 2,489

NOI Publication 3/9/2018

Draft EIS Released 11/1/2019

Final EIS Released 2/12/2021

Record of Decision 4/30/2021

Solar CA Riverside Oberon Solar / IP Oberon, LLC PV - Photovoltaic 500 5,630 NOI Publication 3/18/2021
Solar CA Riverside Victory Pass Solar Project / Victory Pass I, LLC PV - Photovoltaic 200 1,800 EA Released 8/6/2021
Solar UT Beaver Milford Flats South Solar Energy Zone PV - Photovoltaic 600 4,836

EA Completed 7/23/2018

Decision Record 7/23/2018

Geothermal NV Humboldt Baltazor Hot Springs / Ormat Nevada, Inc. TBNS - Turbines 60 84

EA Released 12/1/2020

EA Completed 5/21/2021

Decision Record 5/21/2021

Geothermal NV Washoe San Emidio II / ORNI 36, LLC TBNS - Turbines 40 130

EA Released 11/27/2020

EA Completed 5/21/2021

Decision Record 5/21/2021

Gen-Tie NV   Hot Pot Gen-Tie Power Plants - Binary 100 5.88

DNA Completed 4/16/2021

Decision Record 4/16/2021

Gen-Tie NV   Iron Point Gen-Tie Power Plants - Binary 100 5.88

DNA Completed 4/16/2021

Decision Record 4/16/2021

Gen-Tie UT Emery Hornshadow Powerline - Supports Private Renewable Energy 250 26.7 EA Pending
Gen-Tie UT Utah Quicksilver / Quicksilver Solar, LLC Powerline - Supports Private Renewable Energy 300 25

EA Released 5/28/2021

Gen-Tie UT Iron Zion Solar / Zion Solar, LLC Powerline - Supports Private Renewable Energy 80 27.3

DNA Completed 3/22/2021

Developing clean energy on public lands

The BLM is currently processing dozens of utility-scale renewable energy applications like the Oberon Solar Project in the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan and unlocking new opportunities for renewable energy through new large-scale bulk-electricity transmission.

Applications for wind and solar energy projects may be processed and authorized as rights-of-way under Title V of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, as amended, and Title 43, Part 2800, of the Code of Federal Regulations. Wind and solar projects are authorized under right-of-way leases within designated leasing areas and are authorized under right-of-way grants in areas outside of designated leasing areas. Geothermal energy projects are processed under the Geothermal Steam Act, as amended and Title 43, Part 3200, CFR, and are authorized under leases and permits.