The Whole Enchilada Trail

The Whole Enchilada is an Iconic Moab Trail. Typically run as a downhill ride, this trail runs from Burro Pass on the Manti LaSal National Forest at 11,200 feet 26.5 miles to the Colorado River at 4000 feet…over 7000 feet of vertical! While sections of the trail are slightly easier this is really an advanced trail with very tough, steep decents, large obsticles and some big drops thrown in for good measure. You can walk around almost everything hard but it would make for a very, very long day to do that for the whole trail.

The Whole Enchilada includes 6 distinct sections of trail. These trails are Burro Pass, Hazard County, Kokopelli, Upper Porcupine Singletrack (UPS), Lower Porcupine Singletrack (LPS), and Porcupine Rim. Most of these are singletrack however there are a few short sections of double track or fire road. The trail is very well signed and used alot during the summer and fall. There are several different shuttle companies out of Moab which provide shuttles for riders. Riders may also shuttle themselves to any of the trailheads for the various sections however parking is tight at many of them. Grand County Trail Mix has created a great map for cyclists available for free on their website at:

There is no fee to ride the Whole Enchilada, however the BLM, the USFS, Grand County Trail Mix and all the local riders would appreciate if you keep these trails nice by staying on them, cleaning up after yourself and others and not riding them if it is too muddy. Thanks!

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There are several trailheads for The Whole Enchilada, please call the Moab BLM or a local bike shop for more information.