The Wedge

There is much to see and do at the Wedge. The Wedge Overlook provides unmatched scenery looking over the Little Grand Canyon of the San Rafael River. There are two primary places to park, at either end of the Rim. The road and trail along the rim that connects the two parking areas allows for easy access both on foot and in vehicle. Camping along the rim is not authorized to allow for picnics, parking, and day use. Please follow the signs. Camping can be found at the sites designated for camping before reaching the canyon rim. Just past the second parking area is a site known for premium mountain biking opportunities. The Wedge is a must-see attraction to spend an hour or a day, regardless of what other activities you may be doing in the area. Please recreate respectfully, practice Tread Lightly!, and Leave No Trace principles. Prepare for a remote experience and plan to pack out your trash.

Adventure is at Your Fingertips



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Geographic Coordinates

39.09594722, -110.7494222


Contact the Price Field Office for driving directions.