Valley of the Gods


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This road can be accessed from either Utah Highway 261 (about 10 miles northeast of Mexican Hat, Utah, or U.S. Highway 163, about 15 miles west of the town of Bluff, Utah, and seven miles east of Mexican Hat, Utah). Driving time is approximately one to two hours.

Valley of the Gods

The beautiful Cedar Mesa sandstone monoliths, pinnacles and other geological features of this enchanting area are known as a Miniature Monument Valley. These sandstone sentinels were eroded by wind and water over eons of time. The 17 mile loop through the Valley of the Gods is a graded gravel and clay surface road (San Juan County Road #242), that has a few sharp turns, and crosses several washes. Driving time is approximately one to two hours. It is suitable for passenger cars when the road conditions are dry. However, road conditions vary throughout the year with regional weather conditions. Local inquiry should be made during and after periods of inclement weather. There are several car camps along this route. However, no campfires are allowed.

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