Topaz Mountain Rockhound Recreation Area

These shear hills contain some of the most productive and diverse rock hound areas in the west. Visitors to Topaz Mountain can collect a variety of topaz and crystals, while nearby are trilobite beds (at Antelope Springs) and geode beds (at Dugway Geode Beds). Topaz can be found not only among the rock walls, but also within the washes. Exercise caution while climbing in steep terrain and do not enter tunnels or caves. Due to degradation of site characteristics power tools are not permitted, only hand tools should be used. 

Collection is casual use with minimal disturbance. Topaz collected within the rock hounding area cannot be sold.

There are no BLM facilities in the rock hounding bowl area, but dispersed camping is permitted throughout. A BLM pit toilet is available on the access road. Visitors should be prepared with water, spare tire, shade, and an emergency kit.

Access is along a two-track road. The BLM recommend a high-clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicle. 


Adventure is at Your Fingertips



Fillmore Field Office
95 East 500 North

Geographic Coordinates

39.6665, -113.11455


From Delta, UT travel 11 miles via US Hwy 6. Take a left onto Brush Wellman Rd (SR-174) and follow for 48 miles. Take a right on Topaz Rd. Follow signs from pit toilet to the rock hounding bowl area.