Three Kiva Pueblo

Three Kiva is a stabilized pueblo located in Montezuma Canyon along County Road B146 about seven miles upcanyon from the Perkins Road (County Road B206). It features a reconstructed kiva with a roof and ladder access, accessed by a short foot path. The remainder of the pueblo is visible as stabilized wall bases, with the upper parts having collapsed prehistorically. About 1,000 years ago, Three Kiva Ruin was part of a large and thriving community that took advantage of the resources that the canyon had to offer. Extensive excavations by a team of archeologists from Brigham Young University revealed 14 rooms and three kivas, a ramada working area, a trash mound, and a possible turkey run. Large portions of this complex have been stabilized, but only one of the kivas is reconstructed.

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Geographic Coordinates

37.565308, -109.252075


Three Kiva Pueblo is located along the Montezuma Canyon Road (County Road B146) about seven miles north of the Perkins Road (County Road B206).