Tempi'po'op Trail

Recommended Users: Equestrians, Hikers, Mountain Bikers. Two-track and singletrack trail. 3.5 miles in length. Difficulty: Moderate/More Difficult (IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System). : Tempi’po’op (pronounced tumpee poo oop) means “rock writing” in Southern Paiute. The Tempi’po’op Trail traverses the geographic formation known as Land Hill, which was heavily used by both Ancestral Puebloans and Southern Paiute. This trail is popular largely for the numerous petroglyphs (rock writing) that are accessible for viewing from this trail. In addition, the remains of a pre-historic Ancestral Puebloan farmstead are visible and interpreted for visitors. The views from Land Hill of the surrounding area are another attraction; the Red Mountains, Snow Canyon State Park, Santa Clara River, and distant Beaver Dam Mountains provide spectacular scenery.From the Anasazi Valley Trailhead, the trail winds upslope for 1.2 miles* to reach the main area of petroglyphs and the Ancestral Puebloan farmstead. The trail continues south beyond the main petroglyph area by way of single track that hugs the cliff edge. More petroglyphs can be seen here with close observation. An old road is the basis for the next section of the trail as it climbs Land Hill to its highest point. At the last turn-around in the road, the trail dives off the top, returning to single track and following the edge of the rim. Just as the hill moderates, the trail returns to an old road until reaching its end at the intersection of the Upper Graveyard Trail. Take the Upper Graveyard Trail and then the Fishhook Trail to reach the Tukupetsi Trailhead.*The 1.2 mile section of trail has been damaged by a succession of high rainfall storms, but is still open for hiking and mountain biking.

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353 East Riverside Drive
St. George

Geographic Coordinates

37.16248197, -113.7059843


Tukupetsi Trailhead – From I-15 Exit 6 turn north on Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd. Continue on Sunset Blvd as it turns into Santa Clara Drive. Continue 0.5 miles past the Jacob Hamblin Home and turn left onto a gravel road that leads to the Tukupetsi Trailhead. Anasazi Valley Trailhead – Follow the directions above, except continue past the Jacob Hamblin Home for 3.2 miles as Santa Clara Drive turns into Old Highway 91. Turn left on a gravel road and travel 0.1 miles to the trailhead.