Sand Dunes WSA

The Sand Dunes WSA is located north and east of the City of Rock Springs. It encompasses 27,109 acres, including 600 acres of split estate land, 640 acres of state land and 160 acres of private land. The study area comprises a large part of the Killpecker Sand Dunes. There are large areas of barren active dunes with superb draws and valleys, wet meadows and interspersed greasewood, sagebrush and rabbitbrush communities.

Outstanding opportunities for primitive unconfined recreation are readily available. Hiking in the dunes is strenuous but can be a rewarding experience. Other activities include bird-watching, hunting, sightseeing and photography. Birds, including waterfowl, shorebirds and killdeer, are relatively abundant in parts of the area. Another unique feature is the eolian ice cells that feed pools at the base of many of the large dunes. These elements an unusual opportunity for viewing and photography in nearby areas of the high desert. The outstanding scenic quality of this WSA enhances the recreational values. The moving sand dunes provide for a dynamic viewshed. Nearby Boar's Tusk is a prominent landmark on the southern edge of the area.

This is a fee free area. Sections of the boundary are ADA accessible.


Sand Dunes WSA

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Geographic Coordinates

42.026891, -109.214538


North on 191 from Rock Springs 10 miles. East onto County Road 4-17. an additional 18 miles to the Sand Dunes WSA turnoff. West onto the Sand Dunes access route 5 miles to the boundary of the WSA.