San Ysidro Trials Area

The San Ysidro Trials area is a very unique destination where trials riders, mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts come to enjoy beautiful scenery and technical recreation activities. Stone badland features are widely spread within the area and create distinctive topographies, such as the delicate ecosystems of tinajas. Tinajas are naturally-formed stone bowls that fill with water during the monsoon season and from snow melt. These pools provide an oasis for migratory birds, game species, and many other microorganisms.


Adventure is at Your Fingertips



  • None


  • Open year-round
  • The road may become difficult in bad weather


  • Trails Motorcycle riding (permit only), Mountain Biking, Hiking


  • Please call the Rio Puerco Field Office at 505-761-8700 to gain access to this area. They will provide you with the current combination code to access to the parking and camping area within the San Ysidro Trials Area. A parking area is available just off of Highway 550 where visitors can hike or bike the rest of the way in. There are no facilities or water.

Special Rules

  • Be a responsible user, and stay within the boundaries of the recreation area.
  • Riding in or through tinajas that hold water, or through riparian vegetation, is prohibited.
  • Riding through, or disturbing cultural resources, is prohibited.
  • Shooting is prohibited.
  • Permits are required for commercial, competitive, and organized group events.


Geographic Coordinates

35.55489778, -106.8068008


From Albuquerque, travel North on I-25, and take Exit 242 (Bernalillo), go left, and take Highway 550 West. Continue on Highway 550 West to the Village of San Ysidro. About 1 mile past the Village, the San Ysidro Trials Area will be on your right, just after an old weigh station (mile marker 25).