Portal Trail

The Portal Trail is the sister trail to the Moab Rim Trail which is just across the Colorado River. It is a hiking and biking only trail that follows a slickrock bench up from the Colorado River to an expansive view of the Moab Valley and the surrounding landscape. Most bikers only come down this trail which is an alternate and very difficult exit for the Magnificent Seven Trail System. There is a short section of the trail near the top which is very narrow and exposed. Bikers must dismount and walk this section as 3 cyclists have lost their lives here. Not for the faint of heart!

From JayCee Park, follow the hiking trail up the Colorado towards the river ""portal."" Please register at the visitor box. From the visitor box, the trail begins its climb to the viewpoint. After several switchbacks, the trail follows a cairned route up ""ramps"" of Kayenta sandstone to the overlook. Be cautious around the overlook as there are no safety fences. This trail is frequently used by mountain bike riders.

There is no fee for hiking the Portal Trail, however please leave the place nicer than when you arrived by picking up any little you may find and by staying precisely on the trail provided. This trail sees a lot of use and needs some help from you to stay nice! Thank you!

Note: During late afternoons in the summer, this trail is largely in the shade of higher cliffs.

Adventure is at Your Fingertips


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Geographic Coordinates

38.556473, -109.590255


JayCee Park Recreation Site is the start of the trail. It is on Utah Scenic Byway 279, 4.2 miles west of the Utah 279/U.S. 191 junction.