Poison Spider Mesa Trailhead

The Poison Spider Mesa offers some of the most scenic routes in the Moab area. The mesa is bordered by the Moab valley to the east and the Colorado River to the south with iconic views of the Behind the Rocks area and the Las Sal Mountains. The unapparelled scenery and challenging terrain make it one of the most popular areas to recreate. 

The trailhead is the primary access for the Poison Spider Mesa Route, an approximately 16-mile four-wheel drive and mountain bike loop trail. The Golden Spike Route is also accessed from the trailhead as it links to the Gemini Bridges Road.

The Poison Spider Dinosaur tracksite, 1.2 mile Longbow Arch and 1.3 mile Poison Spider Bench trails are also accessed from the trailhead. The dinosaur tracksite is visible from the trailhead and is a short 5-minute hike for a close-up view. There are tracks from at least 10 different carnivorous dinosaurs. These trails require hiking and scrambling over rough terrain.

The BLM has created two georeferenced PDF maps that cover this area: the Poison Spider Mesa Map and the Poison Spider Designated Routes Map. You can download these maps while you have cell coverage and plot your location using a 3rd party app even when you are outside of cell coverage.  

Within the Moab area, all vehicles and bikes must stay on marked, designated routes. Please do your part to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Visit treadlightly.org to learn more. 

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Geographic Coordinates

38.533508, -109.607605


The parking lot for the trailhead is 5.9 miles from Hwy 191 on Hwy 279. The trailhead begins on the Poison Spider Jeep Trail, about 0.25 miles from the parking lot. There are restroom facilities at the trailhead.