Moquith Mountain

Five distinct landforms comprise the WSA. In the central part are the Vermilion Cliffs, a step in the Grand Staircase, the southern end of the High Plateaus of the Utah Section of the Colorado Plateau Physiographic Province. The north side of the Vermilion Cliffs terrace includes a portion of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes and an escarpment above the dunes. Several canyons cut into the WSA. Note: OHV use is permitted only on designated roads and on the open dunes. Special Features: About 7,300 acres in the WSA are of outstanding scenic quality. Perennial streams, hanging gardens, shifting sand dunes, prehistoric sites Bald eagle and peregrine falcons may occasionally visit the area. State sensitive and USFWS candidate or threatened species which may inhabit the WSA include ferruginous hawk, Mexican spotted owl, long-billed curlew, western yellow-billed cuckoo, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes tiger beetle.

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Paria River District: Moquith Mountain WSA



669 South Highway 89A

Geographic Coordinates

37.04455278, -112.6637917


Moquith Mountain WSA is located in southwestern Kane County just north of the Arizona state line and about 4 miles west of Kanab, UT.