Mickey Hot Springs

Mickey Hot Springs

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From Burns, Oregon: Take State Highway 78 southeast for approximately 33 miles. Turn right onto the East Steens Road and travel south for about 21 miles to Mickey Hot Springs access road. Turn left onto the Mickey Hot Springs access road and follow (for about 6 miles) the signs to the parking area.

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Mickey Hot Springs


Mickey Hot Springs is a moderately known geothermal area on the northern end of the Alvord Desert. Sometimes there is a plethora of geothermal activity here and sometimes it is mostly dried up, empty holes - all dependent on the season and recent rainfall. Nearly always, there is a colorful 15-20' diameter, over 10' deep, pool - clear with near-boiling water. If the time is right, the ground hisses with steam, releasing pressure from the same geologic fault that created Steens Mountain. Gurgling mud pots and small, glassy streams that heat to as much as 180 degrees are also in the area.

Know Before You Go:

  • All Mickey Hot Springs pools are too dangerously hot for soaking.
  • The soil here looks like it is dusted with snow. The "salt flat" is actually the result of sodium borate deposits (safe for contact) in the soil.
  • The access road into Mickey Hot Springs varies from dry and dusty to wet and clay-like, and even thick with powdered dirt in the heat of the summer - stay alert for varying drive conditions.

Point of Interest:

Mickey Hot Springs went quietly un-noticed until 1992 when one of the bubbling spots became a mini-geyser. It reached 6-8 feet high and received national attention as the only natural geyser in Oregon.

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