Magnificent Seven (Mag 7) Trail System

The Magnificent Seven Trail System (Mag 7) is a very popular new trail system just north of Moab. The system of trails run back and forth along the unique and popular Gemini Bridges Road. Bikers run all sorts of trips on these trails from small to large loops, to downhill epics that link up the Gemini Road and the Moab Canyon Paved Bike Path or the Golden Spike Trail and the Portal Trail all the way into Moab! Truly fun riding and truly great views of Bull Canyon, Gemini Bridges and the LaSal Mountains!

The Mag 7 Trail System includes approximately 45 miles of marked trail most of which is singletrack. There are several loops that are possible and several different one way trips of varying "epicness" ending in Moab. Several shuttle companies in Moab are more than happy to shuttle riders to the top of the trail or riders a little extra time can provide their own vehicle shuttle. This map from the Grand County Trail Mix Website provides more detail on specific route options:

There is no fee to ride on the Mag 7 trails, however the BLM, Grand County Trail Mix and all the local riders would appreciate if you keep these trails nice by staying on them, cleaning up after yourself and others and not riding them if it is too muddy. Thanks!

Adventure is at Your Fingertips

Geographic Coordinates

38.581997, -109.776336


The Trailhead for the Magnificent 7 Trail System is just off of Highway 313 approximately 1.5 miles down the Gemini Bridges Road