La Lena Wilderness Study Area


Rio Puerco Field Office 100 Sun Avenue NE, Suite 330 Albuquerque, NM 87109

35.65877139, -107.1833333
From Highway 550, approximately 18 miles north of San Ysidro, turn west on County Road 279. Continue about 17 miles; past the village of San Luis the road turns to dirt. As the road bends to the south, turn right on a side road and drive approximately Ѕ mile to where the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail crosses the road. There is no trailhead, and the trail is marked by cairns. Hike north into the WSA.

La Lena Wilderness Study Area

The La Leсa WSA is characterized by deep arroyos, highly sculpted mesas, canyons, and sandstone and shale outcrops. This area is easily traveled by horseback. Nesting sites for golden eagles, prairie falcon, great horned owl, red-tailed hawk, and raven are found on sandstone cliffs. Vegetation includes grama grass, cactus and Knight's milevetch. The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail passes through this WSA.

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