Judith Peak Scenic Outlook

Judith Lookout Peak is the highest peak in the Judith Mountains. This peak lies just northeast of Lewistown. This site offers a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding mountain islands, which are: North and South Moccasins, Big Snowies, Little Snowies, Big Belts, Little Belts, Highwoods, Square Butte, and in far distance, the Little Rockies.

Adventure is at Your Fingertips

Geographic Coordinates

47.21778, -109.22272


Judith Lookout Peak is approximately 25 miles from Lewistown. From Lewistown take Highway 191. Drive about 10 miles to Maiden Road. Take a right and continue driving on the Maiden Road for about 15 more miles to the top of the Judith Mountains. At the peak there is a parking area in which to enjoy the views.