Hidden Valley Trail

The Hidden Valley Trail is a strenuous hike up a rough trail to a spectacular hanging valley hundreds of feet above the valley floor of Moab, Utah. It can be turned into a loop with the nearby Moab Rim Trail. Spectacular views abound!

From the parking area, follow the trail up to the base of the Moab Rim and then ascend a series of steep switchbacks. At the top of the switchbacks, the trail heads north and enters Hidden Valley, which is a broad shelf between the top of the Moab Rim and Spanish Valley. Follow the trail to a low rise that separates the two halves of Hidden Valley and continue along through the northern section to a point where the trail swings to the left and goes over a low pass. At the pass, the hiker will be rewarded with a view of the large sandstone fins of the Behind the Rocks area. The trail continues down the west side of the pass for about 1/3 mile where it meets the Moab Rim four-wheel-drive trail. The hike may be extended to the Colorado River by following the Moab Rim four-wheel-drive trail to its starting point.

There is no fee for hiking the Hidden Valley Trail, however please leave the place nicer than when you arrived by picking up any little you may find and by staying precisely on the trail provided. This trail sees a lot of multi-trailing and needs some help from you to stay nice! Thank you!

Note: During the late afternoon, in the summer, this trail is largely in the shade of higher cliffs. Although the Hidden Valley Trail is non-motorized, mountain bikes may sometimes be seen on it.

Adventure is at Your Fingertips

Geographic Coordinates

38.531811, -109.517292


Drive 3 miles south from Moab on U.S. 191 and turn right onto Angel Rock Road. After two blocks, turn right onto Rimrock Road and drive to parking area.