Five Springs

The Five Springs WSA is located primarily in Lassen County, California (97%), with a small portion (3%) in Washoe County, Nevada. The WSA contains 49, 206 acres of BLM-administered land and 1,195 acres of private land that is located in eight parcels, ranging in size from 40 to 640 acres. Surface owners own all subsurface mineral rights beneath their holdings. The WSA is located on the western edge of the arid Great Basin and is characterized by eroded volcanic mountains. Five Springs Mountain, Cherry Mountain, and Rush Creek Mountain are, ridge like mountains with multiple high points. Numerous broad, open canyons are cut into the three prominent ridges that make up the core of the relief in the WSA. Elevations range from 4,500 to 6,300 feet. Stony and Rush Creeks are mostly perennial creeks originating in the unit. Riparian vegetation is dense in parts of Rush Creek and slight to moderately dense in Stony Creek. Other than willows in the two creek bottoms and at springs, vegetation throughout the WSA is limited to sagebrush and associated shrubs and grasses.

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Geographic Coordinates

40.578551, -120.08856