Fiftymile Mountain

Almost all of the area's southern boundary is the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The southwestern boundary is the Croton Road and the remainder of the western boundary is formed by coal exploration roads and State lands in the Rogers Canyon and East of the Navajo areas. The northern boundary is the Left Hand Collet Canyon road. To the east and below the Straight Cliffs, the boundary is the Fiftymile Bench road to the Left Hand Collet Road.The WSA is best known as a location for viewing the panoramas of the lower Glen Canyon region. Features that can be viewed from the Fiftymile Mountain WSA include Lake Powell, Navajo Mountain Rainbow Plateau, Glen Canyon, and the Canyonlands of the Escalante River.Fiftymile Mountain is unique in the sense that the plateau is the only island of green in the midst of red and yellow Canyonlands and Lake Powell.

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Geographic Coordinates

37.33991111, -111.2166889


Eastern Kane County, about 20 miles southeast of Escalante, Utah.