Deep Creek Mountains

Flanked on the east by the Great Salt Lake Desert and on the west by the Deep Creek Valley, this 32-mile long, 3 to 15 mile wide range is located in west central Utah, adjacent to the Utah-Nevada state line and approximately 55 miles south of Wendover, Utah. The Deep Creek Mountains are the highest landmark in all of western Utah. As an isolated island ecosystem and the fourth highest range in the Great Basin, the Deeps dominate the Great Salt Lake Desert in altitude, sheer mass, and biotic richness. From a barren landscape of alluvial outwash and playa basins, two 12,000 foot peaks rise 7,800 feet above the shimmering desert to form alpine meadows, evergreen and aspen forests, nine perennial streams and numerous canyons that twist through massive granite formations or quartzite cliffs. The Deep Creek range is truly a unique place in the West Desert. The long distance from major population centers allows a visitor to find solitude and isolation. Recreational opportunities for hunting, hiking, rock climbing, wildlife observation, exploring, and backpacking exist throughout the range. Visitors can enjoy the bristlecone pine forests at the higher elevations and sweeping vistas of the Great Basin desert on either side. Of historical interest is the Pony Express National Historic Trail/National Backcountry Byway, which runs north and east of the WSA.

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West Desert District: Deep Creek WSA

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39.84780556, -113.9046111


Access to the towns of Ibapah and Callao on the approach to the Deep Creeks is over pavement and maintained dirt roads. These are accessible by 2WD vehicles most of the year, although 4WD is always recommended. The easiest approach to the Deeps is via Interstate 80 and Wendover. Drive south from Wendover toward the town of Ibapah and turn off on the Pony Express road to get to Callao, and access the Deep Creeks WSA from the east side. An alternative option is to travel westbound from the Wasatch Front on the Pony Express Road past Fish Springs to Callao, but this route is over gravel roads with no services or fuel available. Access to the Deep Creek WSA boundary is generally on 4WD off-highway vehicle routes that are dusty, rocky, rugged, and sometimes impassable during inclement weather. Some routes are suitable for full-size vehicles but many others are for ATVs, motorcycles, or side-by-sides only. Check conditions with the local BLM office prior to attempting a given route for the first time.