Daddy Canyon Trailhead

The Daddy Canyon trailhead provides visitors with a multitude of recreational opportunities. The canyon trailhead is located in the renowned Nine Mile Canyon at the entrance to one of the many side canyons. Daddy Canyon provides spectacular views of high craggy cliffs which are topped by the West Tavaputs plateau. Juniper and pinyon trees precariously perch on the canyon walls. Visitors enjoy hiking up the canyon to view rock art which is primarily located on the east side of Daddy Canyon. Visitors can stop to take a rest and use the bathroom facilities and shade shelter while exploring the larger Nine Mile Canyon area at this location. The site is also the perfect area for staging vehicles, parking a horse trailer, or starting a bike ride. Facilities include a large parking area, a shade structure with picnic tables, and a loop hike.

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Geographic Coordinates

39.78546111, -110.1666944


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