Culp Canyon Wilderness Study Area

The Culp Canyon WSA is located in southern New Mexico and is characterized by gently rolling hills and steep mountain slopes dissected by numerous canyons and arroyos. Vegetation consists of desert grasses and shrubs. The WSA is located in McGregor Range, an area established for the Army to conduct military training, including live-fire exercises.

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Geographic Coordinates

32.57976, -105.8


From U.S. Highway 54, 25.5 miles south of Alamogordo, NM, take all-weather dirt Highway 506/Owen Prather Hwy east just over 6 miles to another smaller, unmarked dirt road that runs northeast for about 7.5 miles to the Culp Canyon, and the southern border of the WSA. Access to Culp Canyon on McGregor Range requires permission from Ft. Bliss. Access permits are issued by Ft. Bliss and the BLM's Las Cruces District Office.