Corona Arch Trail

The Corona Arch Trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail on May 30, 2018. The trail is a moderately strenuous 3 mile round trip hike to the spectacular Corona Arch. There are a few sections of the trail with mild exposure to heights however, these sections include cables and ladders to assist you.

From the parking lot on the north side of the highway follow the trail up to the visitor register box near the railroad; please register. Cross the railroad track and follow an old roadbed up through a gap in the rim. From the gap, follow the cairns up the wash for about 100 yards where the trail swings to the left.

Follow the trail and cairns over a low sandy pass and then down towards the base of a large cliff. Follow the base of the cliff to the first safety cable and around to the second cable where steps have been cut into the slickrock. Corona Arch is visible from this point. From the top of the second cable, climb the short ladder up over a small ledge and follow the cairns. From this point, it is an easy walk along the broad slickrock bench to the base of Corona Arch.

There is no fee for hiking the Corona Arch Trail, however please leave the place nicer than when you arrived by picking up any litter you may find and by staying precisely on the trail provided. This trail sees a lot of use and needs some help from you to stay nice! Thank you!

The BLM acquired Corona Arch in May of 2014 from the State of Utah. In July 2017, following several years of public outreach and environmental reviews, a rule was published in the Federal Register restricting Corona Arch from roped activities (see . This restriction is to reduce potential resource damage, minimize user conflicts, and provide a quieter, more family friendly experience for the 40,000 to 50,000 people hiking this trail each year. Visitors are encouraged to respect other users, this iconic landmark, and refraining from roped activities. The Moab Field Office contains 1.8 million acres, including several climbing focus areas, two base jump focus areas, and multiple arches and natural bridges for these types of adventures.

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Moab Field Office
82 East Dogwood

Geographic Coordinates

38.574296, -109.632611


From Moab, take US-191 North for 4 miles. Turn left onto UT-279 South. Follow UT-279 for 10 miles. Parking and the trailhead are located on the north-side (right-side) of the highway.


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