The Cockscomb WSA

The Cockscomb is part of the East Kaibab monocline and is a notable local landmark because of its near vertical sandstone beds form a sinuous hogs back of prominent, multicolored ridges. The eastern portion of the WSA consists of the tilted and horizontal sedimentary rocks of The Rimrocks. The intervening area includes the floodplain and terraces of the Paria River and the low hills west of the river. Three miles of the Paria River and a perennial stream flow through the WSA. More than 2,000 acres and about 41 percent of the area being recommended possess scenic special features.

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Paria River District: The Cockscomb Wilderness Study Area

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669 South Highway 89A

Geographic Coordinates

37.14641667, -111.935425


The Cockscomb WSA is located in central Kane County, about 40 miles east of Kanab, Utah.