CCC Ponds/Pinedale Pathway


Pinedale Field Office 1625 West Pine Street Pinedale, WY 82491

42.8958853, -109.8353529
Take Hwy 191 south to Pinedale, turn north on Skyline Drive then turn west on Fremont Lake Road. Continue 3.2 miles on Fremont Lake Rd, then follow sign directing to the CCC Ponds parking area.

CCC Ponds/Pinedale Pathway

The CCC Ponds/Pinedale Pathway are a perfect destination for those who enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, wildlife viewing and cross-country skiing.

The original CCC Ponds were developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during The Great Depression in an effort by Franklin D. Roosevelt to create jobs in the 1930s. The work consisted of reforestation, road and park construction, flood control and beautification projects. The CCC Ponds are an important historical feature to the Pinedale Area. .

These Ponds were re-constructed during the 1990s and given specific themes to provide for various wildlife species: the Fish Pond, Duck Pond, Beaver Pond, and Frog Pond. A walking path was added to enable public access, as well as the installation of benches, interpretive signs, a warming hut and a parking lot. Attached to the CCC Ponds parking area is a paved bike path called the Pinedale Pathway that loops from the parking lot back down into town for a round trip of about 6 miles. In the winter 3.5 miles of the CCC Pond area and part of the Pinedale Pathway are groomed for cross- country skiing opportunities.

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