Anticline Overlook

The Anticline Overlook is named for the curved, uplifted Kane Creek Anticline visible across the Colorado River to the north. About 5200 feet of salt-baring rocks, remnants from ancient seas, lie beneath the Kane Creek anticline in the Paradox Member of the Hermosa Formation. The Intrepid Potash mining facility and solar evaporation ponds are visible from the overlook." The site has picnic tables, small shade shelters, interpretive signs, and a pit toilet. There is no water or camping at the Anticline Overlook.

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Geographic Coordinates

38.4648, -109.6273


Drive 32 miles south of Moab on U.S. HIghway 191. Turn right (west) on the Canyon Rims Road. Proceed 8 miles on this paved road, and then turn right on the gravelled road marked "Anticline Overlook". The overlook is 9 miles north on the gravelled road.