Amphitheatre Loop Trailhead

Length of Hike: This is a 3 mile long foray into the heart of the Richardson Amphitheater. Type of Hike: The trail is constructed and marked with cairns. Area Attractions: The trail is located very near the Colorado River, and in an area of interesting rock formations. The Amphitheater Loop Trail is approximately four miles from the Fisher Towers Trailhead; both trails can be walked in a single day. Route Description: The Amphitheater Loop Trail makes a lovely walk for those staying at Hittle Bottom campground, or for people traveling Hwy 128. The trail climbs approximately 250 feet in elevation to afford a stunning view of the Colorado River corridor. Along the way, you can see interesting sandstone formations in the Moenkopi and Cutler sandstone layers

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Geographic Coordinates

38.759412, -109.324521


The trailhead is located 22 miles east of Moab on Hwy 128. The parking lot for the trail is in the Hittle Bottom Campground.