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Thirty miles of motorized trails keep visitors moving in Penrose Commons, an excellent location for Off-Highway Vehicle adventures from Fall to Spring. With views of Brush Hollow Reservoir and the surrounding Wet Mountain Range, the trail system weaves through piñon and juniper woodlands where riders can stay on level, smooth trails, or challenge themselves by venturing onto rocky, steep routes. For the most daring visitors equipped with extreme 4x4 rock crawler vehicles, the Independence Trail system offers challenging climbing trails. Less daring spectators can enjoy this trail activity from easy access points. Additionally, dispersed camping in established sites is available. Penrose Commons has a toilet, trailer parking, and trail map information, but no trash service so please pack out all waste. This area is closed to target shooting, and roads may be closed to motorized use during wet conditions. The area has easy access from State Highway 115 in Penrose, CO. For more information, please contact the Royal Gorge Field Office at (719) 269-8500.

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