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BLM Rangers

BLM rangers are uniformed officers who provide a recurring presence over vast areas of public lands.  They are responsible for conducting high-visibility patrols; maintaining public contact; enforcing Federal laws and regulations; assisting local county or city police departments; working with other Federal and state land management agencies; and coordinating with BLM special agents investigating illegal activity on public lands.

BLM Special Agents

BLM special agents conduct criminal and civil investigations into many different types of crimes committed on public land or involving public resources.  Special agents actively pursue investigations into cultivation of marijuana, arson, theft of archaeological and paleontological resources, threats against or assaults on BLM employees, and other criminal acts.

BLM Working Dogs

The BLM Working Dog program has 13 active teams spread out over seven states.  All teams are dual-certified for patrol and for narcotics detection.  While these teams serve their local area, they are frequently called upon to assist with high-visitor use events or critical situations, such as a man-hunt.

Border Patrol

Illegal border crossings compromise resources and visitors on public lands, such as the BLM-managed Sonoran Desert and Ironwood Forest National Monuments in Arizona.  Off-road travel, littering, and vandalism threaten these fragile environments and pose risks to visitor safety. 

In response to these border-related threats, BLM Arizona has launched a coordinated effort to enhance public safety and mitigate impacts to public lands.  Actions include strengthening law enforcement operations, placing barriers to deter unauthorized traffic, and removing trash.

BLM Arizona’s border security and resource protection strategy has three primary goals:

to provide a secure environment for the visiting public and BLM employees;
to protect natural and cultural resources, especially in designated areas, such as national monuments and wilderness areas; and
to improve coordination with border law enforcement agencies and land management partners. 

Learn more about the BLM Arizona strategy, Operation ROAM.

Honor Guard

The mission of the BLM’s Honor Guard is to provide informative, timely support to survivors and extended family when a law enforcement employee is fatally injured in the line of duty.  The Honor Guard is committed to ensuring that each aspect of the process of dealing with a line-of- duty death is handled professionally and completely.

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