The Fire and Aviation program is a diverse, professional organization dedicated to providing national direction, leadership, policy, standards, and operational oversight. Fire and Aviation works with state and field offices to ensure a safe, cost-effective, and efficient fire and aviation management program in support of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mission.

The Fire and Aviation program’s headquarters is located at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho, where it works with seven other federal agencies to manage wildland fire in the United States.  BLM’s Fire and Aviation program has three organizational levels, including the national office, state offices, and field offices.  The national office provides leadership and oversight, and develops policy, procedures, and a budget oversight management for the program.  State offices are responsible for coordinating policies and interagency activities within their state.  Field offices are responsible for on-the-ground fire management and aviation activities and often partner with other agencies to maximize effective fire response and management.

The BLM is considered a leader in wildland fire management efforts and undertakes a broad range of activities to safely protect the public, the natural landscape, wildlife habitat, and recreational areas. Specifically, the Fire and Aviation program includes fire suppression, preparedness, predictive services, fuels management, fire planning, community assistance and protection, prevention and education, and safety. The BLM meets these challenges by continuing to employ and train skilled professional firefighters and managers.

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