Wildfire Fact Sheet - Lime Fire Update, July 14, 2021

Summary: At 8:22 pm on July 12, 2021, the Color Country Interagency Communication Center received a report of a wildland fire start. Local resources are on scene and aerial resources have been requested. Smoke can be seen from St. George, Utah. 
Start Date: July 12, 2021 
Location: “Lime Fire” located at mile marker (MM) 25, Virgin River Gorge 
Jurisdiction: Arizona Strip District, Bureau of Land Management 
Fire Size: Mapped at 2,063 acres 
Cause: Human caused, vehicle related  
PSA: Public Service Announcement: Vehicles account for over 75% of the human starts on the Arizona Strip. Fire managers wish to remind the public to avoid throwing sparks and help prevent fires by implementing the following safety rules: 1) practice safe towing by securing chains and using appropriate safety pins and hitches 2) ensure vehicles are properly maintained 3) avoid dragging anything on the ground, 3) check and maintain proper tire pressure 4) carry a fire extinguisher in vehicles and know how to use them 5) maintain brakes properly and 6) avoid driving and parking vehicles on dry grass or brush as hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires.  
Fuels: Grass, brush 
Structures: None 
Containment: 35% |
Fire Crews/Resources:  Local resources on scene include 1 Type 3 Engine, 3 Type 4 Engines, 1 Type 6 Engine, 1 Type 2 Initial Attack Crews, 1 Type 1 Crew, 1 Water Tender.  |
Conditions: Observed fire behavior is minimal and smoldering, crews are reinforcing the line. 
Weather: Precipitation overnight aided firefighters in containment efforts. Forecasts for additional precipitation in the area over the next 24 hours is anticipated to aid in further containment. 

Color Country Interagency Fire Management is an organization of fire management officials in southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona (the Arizona Strip) who promote safe and effective fire management through interagency cooperation.  Since many wildfires and prescribed fires are of a multi-jurisdictional nature, interagency cooperation provides an ideal background for cohesive ecological, social, political, and economic considerations for land management. For more information concerning fire management in Color Country visit www.utahfireinfo.govor contact any of the following agencies: 

 Bureau of Land Management (Cedar City)                                             435-865-3000 
Bureau of Land Management (St. George)                                             435-688-3200 
Dixie National Forest                                                                                  435-865-3700 
National Park Service (Zion National Park)                                            435-772-3256
Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands (Cedar City)               435-586-4408
Bureau of Indian Affairs (St. George)                                                        435-674-9720  

Get the latest regional fire updates on social media at the following pages: 

Utah fire updates on Twitter https://twitter.com/UtahWildfire 
Arizona fire updates on Twitter https://twitter.com/BLMAZFire 
National wildfire listings go to: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov 



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